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The injection moulding department in Cartamundi Ireland Ltd. specialises in producing high quality, low cost plastic components. Significant investment in this area ensures the latest technologies are used throughout the processes. Extensive use of robotics, together with Statistical Process Control all help to produce high quality, low cost parts. This department consists of over 20 moulding machines, ranging in size from 100T to 650T, including a number of twin-shot and electric machines. Most of the presses are fitted with CNC robots for handling the parts, together with a number of dedicated automated assembly cells.

Support Equipment:

  • Mould temperature control
  • Motan central feed system for the resins and masterbatches
  • Portable chillers
  • Mattec computerised monitoring system on all presses
  • SPC control on all machines
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Automatic bagging lines for bagging small components, such as Monopoly Houses and Hotels
  • Hi-Speed TFT vacuum forming for producing vac trays

Our Other Services:

Games Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

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