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Paper & Board Conversion:

This area supports some key activities in our games business. The main processes in this department are:

  • Printing
  • Die-cutting presses for punchboards and lid & box blanks
  • Gameboard manufacturing cells
  • Laminating cell
  • Folding/Stitching cell


This area employs the latest in Computer to Plate Technology. The equipment supporting this process is:

  • 5 colour and coater printing press
  • Closed loop monitoring system
  • 2 colour press
  • Digital Pre-Press facilities for imposition and plate making
  • Digital file archiving


Our main assembly area has a selection of high speed rigid lid & box production lines, capable of producing 500,000 units per week. Lean manufacturing techniques such as “Formula 1” changeovers and automated material movement and control, combined with the latest technology, deliver cost competitiveness with best-in-class quality. Equipment in this area includes:

  • Servo driven rigid lid and box production equipment
  • Automated component insertion
  • Integrated shrink-wrapping and final product pack off
  • Direct interfacing with shipping via a central conveyor system
  • Vision systems to ensure accurate product configuration

Puzzle Production:

The jigsaw puzzle manufacturing area in Cartamundi Ireland Ltd. is a dedicated area for the production of high quality low cost puzzles. We have an extensive range of cutting dies available for sizes ranging from children’s inlay puzzles up to 3,000 piece puzzles. The equipment supporting this product range consists of:

  • High speed laminator
  • Auto-feed Sheridan die-cutting presses (mono and dual)
  • Rigid box manufacturing line
  • Collation area for producing puzzle assortment

Our Other Services:

Injection Moulding

Contract Manufacturing

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