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Cartamundi Ireland Ltd. has an environmentally controlled cleanroom up to Class 10,000 with 25 air changes per hour & HEPA filtration system. This process eliminates contaminants generated by people, process, facilities and equipment. In the temperature-controlled, dust-free environment of our clean room, we are able to build close tolerance assemblies free of contamination.

We specialise in the production of plastic components & sub-assemblies requiring a clean environment and have extensive expertise in a range of technologies including precision injection moulding, single & twin shot moulding, assembly and complete packaging solutions.

We also have a Clean Injection Moulding area where the parts are removed from the moulding machines by a robot and placed on an enclosed conveyor fitted with deionised bars. As the parts pass through the deionised air flow the static charge is neutralised. The packing area at the end of the conveyor is enclosed with laminar air flow units with HEPA filtration.

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