Customer Partnership

There is a long history of partnership between Drumond Park and Cartamundi Ireland Ltd. Our relationship has grown to include the manufacture of such games as Logo, Best of British, Best of TV, Shout, Logo What Am I, Logo Lite, Balderdash and Catchphrase. With our proven track record with Drumond Park they asked us to work with them on their latest games concept, Dig In.

Dig In is a fast-paced game for all the family, that is easy to learn and addictive to play. Players take turns trying to find as many of their card’s matching pieces as possible in 15 seconds. The winner is the first person who matches all their card’s pieces.

Girl finds playing piece in Dig In

Commitment to Service

Using our background in games manufacturing and network of suppliers, we were able to tweak the spec so that Drumond Park were able to get everything on their wish list while keeping our costs competitive.

We have vast experience in moulding plastics, so we were able to provide a one stop shop to Drumond Park taking their initial concept work and translating that into 3D manufacturing files that were suitable for high scale production. Using these files, we were able to build custom production tooling for the moulded plastics pieces and vac tray.

As we didn’t need to outsource anything in this game other than the timer, we were able to trial different materials until Drumond Park were happy with the final specification.

It was also decided that there should be different versions of this game for different markets, meaning that not only was each market getting their own unique language specific artwork, but different markets were able to get slightly different games depending on marketing and customer research, so there are now 2 versions of this game with either a mechanical timer or sandtimer.

We are proud of this game as it really proves to us the level of service and commitment that we provide our customers, that we are not just a game’s manufacturer but we also provide the complete package in the game design, development and manufacturing process.

To find out more information about the Dig In game, please read through the game instructions below.

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